Creative Producer - Ideation to Execution

Zaha Hadid 520 West 28th Sales Gallery

Lead Technical Producer


A physical-digital residential sales experience as an extension of Zaha’s own hand

Zaha Hadid, the unique artist-as-architect, designs her first New York City residential property in a prime location in collaboration with Related Companies.

Design an experience for luxury buyers in a gallery format with high-touch, customizable experiences that drive sales. Bring Zaha’s creative vision to life in a clear and compelling way while Related completes construction.

Buyers understand every aspect of the property and feel an intimate connection to Zaha’s process, style, and legacy. The experience creates an emotional connection to this groundbreaking work of art and acts as the centerpiece of the sales effort.

“In designing the space HUSH didn’t deploy every tech trick in the book, rather it was about balance.”
-- Fast Company