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Seeker Experience

Experience Design Producer
The Mill / Mill-X


Interaction + Biometric Data = Generative Portrait

The groundbreaking multi-sensory installation for Le Club AccorHotels included: motion tracking, a reactive visualization across LED panels, measuring intensity of motion and linger time to assess relative extroversion or introversion; a reactive waterfall, used to determine affinity for tranquility or adventure; a collection of unique pillars, gauging attraction to either modern (glass, metal) or rustic (wood, stone) environments; and a video mood board, which displayed simultaneous video clips contrasting various experience locales, tonalities and types.

Each guest was outfitted with a Muse EEG Headset and Empatica E4 wristband; a custom app was developed to wirelessly stream alpha and gamma brain waves, heart rate, and heregalvanic skin response data from these devices to the control room in real-time. Behavioral data was merged with a “biometric multiplier” to give greater weight to responses with more EEG engagement, higher heart rates and elevated GSR readings. A custom algorithm was then used to match responses with six key psychological, personality, destination and style metrics: urban vs. rural, adventure vs. relaxation, romance vs. family, rustic vs. modern, hot vs. cold, extroversion vs. introversion. The result was a visual psychograph and travel profile completely unique to each participant, which informed recommendations for dream destinations scored against the same metrics. “

Seeker was developed in partnership with Toronto-based agency Cossette and The Mill NY / Chicago. Case Study video below

The Mill/Mill-X Case Study Video