Creative Producer - Ideation to Execution

American Express Shop Small

Producer, Lead Technical Producer


Challenge: Connect shoppers to American Express’ network of amazing – but difficult to find – local, small businesses and their products within a centralized, urban setting.

Design Solution: We used the design notes of boutique retail and the bold interactivity of “fun” digital experiences to create an installation that generates awareness for local shops and their unique products – and provides a direct line of information to connect consumers with these merchants.

Result: We launched a fully-contained, interactive retail product that can be quickly activated in any location. Pedestrian shoppers could discover thousands of local small businesses through their bespoke product exploration and interaction. Using geographical reference and personal preference indicators, it taps into a database of merchants to encourage real, in-person shopping experiences that small businesses love.

PSFK, Trend Hunter, GDRUK

Awards: Webby