Creative Producer - Ideation to Execution

Drive Angry

On-Set Visual Effects Plate Producer
WWFX and NuImage

Supporting Visual Effects Supervisor (Glenn Neufeld) on 1st and 2nd units of principal stereoscopic photography.

Responsibilities include on-set supervision photography of stereoscopic visual effects plates, assist designing visual effects approach, scheduling, managing on-set visual effects crew.

Drive Angry is a stereoscopic feature-film directed by Patrick Lussier for Millenium/NuImage.

Cameras were RedMX mounted on ParadiseFX Paracam beam-splitter rigs.

For shots that were Steadi-cam, handheld or in the tight spaces. We used SI-2K on ParadiseFX beam-splitter rig.

We had on set as many as 5 Stereo rigs, each has it's own Q-Take stereo video playback.