Creative Producer - Ideation to Execution

Gaga Constellation at Barney’s

Producer, Project Manager
The Science Project

Client: Barney's, Nicola Formichetti, Q4


This interactive installation project for Barney's holiday window features a looping 2 minute animated film combined with real-time hashtag tweet submissions. Tweets are moderated as well as prioritized and made "sticky" based on retweets/favorite counts as well as geolocation. The display was live 24hours a day throughout the Barney's holiday window season.

As producer/project manager for The Science Project, I coordinated, with The Mill to integrate their animated film with our title sequence & music to complete a finished movie. I also managed The Science Project's custom software development to display the movie and real-time tweets on screen as well as the moderation/curation workflow for Q4 to control which tweets were actually displayed. I also managed the PC hardware/software deployment and interface with the screen. The 12 ft by 6 ft curved, seamless, LPD screen was built and installed by Prysm.

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