Creative Producer - Ideation to Execution

Illuminarium WILD

Technical (Camera, Pre-Vis & Post) Consultant
@RadicalMedia / Illuminarium

VR Without the Goggles

The debut location of Illuminarium is a 26,000-square-foot venue with a multi-sensory immersive theater. 

The Inaugural spectacle, WILD: Safari Experience, brings guests face-to-face with exotic animals in their natural habitat from the sweeping plaines of Masai Mara to the watering holes of Saburu. 

Through projection technology, audio beamforming systems, and haptic technology, audiences will be transported to places they may never see in real life, while experiencing a collective and connected performance with others—something we’ve all been missing in the last year.

I consulted with @RadicalMedia and Illuminarium during their development phase on Capture Array Systems, Pre-visualization and Post-Production exploration and testing as well as key talent hires.

Illuminarium Set to Launch Its First Immersive Entertainment Location in Atlanta - Variety
“A place that can take you anyplace” - Blooloop