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MoveMe Event @ The Mill

Experience Design Producer
The Mill / Mill-X

MOVE ME | A Day of Art, Technology & Discovery

On June 7th 2017, The Mill’s New York studio embarked on a day of tech, art and immersive experience, inducing wonder, play and excitement for over 500 members of the advertising and tech industries.

Move Me was a one day event that featured new, original artworks; MIMETICS , POP LLAMA, NEON NIGHTS, SEE SOUND, STRATA, HOOVA, THE HUMAN RACE each concepted, developed and fabricated by The Mill.

These artworks incorporated VR, AR, robotics, biometrics, game engines, and data visualization. They explored creative possibilities through the collision of humans and technology. -- The Mill

I was responsible for project managing the overall event concept and installation of the 1 day showcase of 9 original creative technology experiences by The Mill. The compelexity of this project, logistically, was installing 9 phyiscal expereinces on The Mill’s existing top floor offices, creative suites and balaconies.
The event itself could not have been possible without the volunteer efforts of much of the mill staff while continuing to do their normal work. Also this day long event required a complete takeover of the top floor of offices and artists suites. You could say it was disruptive and slightly invasive, but in a fun way. 
With the exceptions of the event itself and all the lighting sculpltures, each experience had a respective producer responsible for their experience and artwork build, load-in and operation during event (see links below for proper Mill credits).


A gesture responsive robotic mural.

Mimetics employs four robots equipped with ink that react to gestural interactions from visitors, to create a translation of human behavior through robotics.

The final result; a crowd sourced collaborative mural and historical record of interaction.

The mural is created by event guests, who by giving short gestures using Leap Motion, affect behavioural change in the robots, each of which have been assigned with their own gesture and colored ink.

Take a look Behind the Scenes of Mimetics.


Mixed reality virtual puppeteering karaoke madness. With a llama!

Pop Llama is an interactive installation that allows users to gesturally control a real-time CG character, lip syncing along to diva-licious anthems, to create their own mixed reality music videos.

Pop Llama demonstrates real-time CG characters you can interact with and animate live on set. This is a boon to filmmakers and another stepping stone towards real- time mixed reality interaction.

Find out more about Pop Llama here.


A dual player augmented reality game using the Microsoft Hololens.

Neon Knights is a two-player cooperative Augmented Reality music game, that pits you against cosmic forces trying to thwart your awesome journey through multiple dimensions.

This is the first ever cooperative AR music game, and it combines laser beams, cosmic prisms and synthwave music. Awesome.

Cooperative AR gaming is relatively new territory. The Mill designed and coded this experience from scratch, in addition to writing and performing the music.

Take a look Behind the Scenes of Neon Knights.


A biometric VR Experience

STRATA is a responsive VR experience driven by biometrics. STRATA tunes into your heart rate, breathing, stress levels and brain waves to remix a game engine world around you. The stunning immersive experience connects us to our own emotional state, teaching us to calm and focus our minds.

Based on biofeedback techniques, the visuals within STRATA respond and react your physiological and neurological data, this in turn helps create awareness of the user’s autonomic nervous system. The goal is use our own biometrics as a controller, calming oneself to levitate upwards through five fantastical worlds.


Interactive voice-driven sound sculptures.

See Sound is a generative artwork experience that creates sound sculptures based on the human voice. It combines multiple voice loops create bespoke human-driven art.

Each user has access to a microphone and hardware interface. They can trigger different visual behaviors and materials based on play. They can then initiate timed loop recordings of their voice and layer different visual structures to create complex sculptures and music compositions.

Find out more about See Sound here.