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Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion

Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion (on view through September 2nd, 2024) at The Met utilizes advanced technologies to revive the sensory qualities of historic garments. Key features include the Pepper’s ghost technique to display delicate gowns through holographic illusions, detailed digital scanning, and motion capture for realistic animations. Projection mapping animates embroidered patterns onto dome ceilings, creating immersive environments. Sound design recreates garment-specific sounds, while scent technology allows visitors to experience the fragrances associated with specific garments, adding another sensory layer. Interactive QR codes enable engagement with historical figures via AI, blending traditional and modern elements to transform how fashion is experienced in a museum setting.

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Exhibition Entry
photo  © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Pepper's Ghost Digital Avatar dancing in Charles Frederick Worth House of Worth Ball Gown
photos  © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

photo by Julia Nikhinson

photos  © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

photo  © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

photo by AP

photo by Naho Kubota

photo by Masato Onoda 

photos by Masato Onoda

photos by Masato Onoda