Under Armour China Experience

Project Manager, Producer

Description from heyhush.com:
"We employed a delicate blend of architecture, VFX, 10.1 surround sound, and a panoramic, live action film of Under Armour athletes in the midst of intense training sessions – including Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

We worked intensely with Under Armour Creative team, Tight Shirt Productions, and the Under Armour China team to deliver upon the original idea put forth by Under Armour’s Founder and CEO, Kevin Plank. The goal was to create the first chapter of their new retail theater concept. We designed the experience to tap the most visceral of human senses, and connect the Chinese audience intimately with the Under Armour brand. We helped potential Chinese customers see, hear, and feel the core values of Under Armour amidst China’s unique culture of athletics, training and organized sport.

The retail experience combines a 270-degree panoramic film (shot with custom designed GoPro camera arrays), bespoke architectural and lighting design, projection mapped surfaces, various AV technologies, and 10.1 surround sound into an explosive, all-encompassing experience. Upon arrival, visitors see a highly angular, closed-off retail façade designed to contain the energy within – an enigma compared to the open glass facades of the surrounding stores. Visitors then enter a sensory decompression chamber, created with a tunnel of bright LED walls and directional sound – a bold contrast to the mall’s polished interiors. The lights cut off, revealing an image of Michael Phelps beckoning them further inside. As they pass into the cavernous 270-degree theater, they experience a six minute film distilling Under Armour’s essence into a raucous blend of cross-category sports training, UA athletes and VFX taking them from soccer pitch to basketball court, from Baltimore to China. Finally, they emerge in a custom-designed retail space – a gallery-like, minimalist shrine to a few core Under Armour products."

Press: PSFK, Contagious, Most Contagious 2014, Retail Design Blog, Cool Hunting, Global Design Resource (gdruk.com)

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