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Visual Effects Kit: Tracking Markers

I'm posting the Tracking markers sheets I created a bit ago. They're in easy to use pdf format for you to print.

Tracking Markers to print out:
Black/White Version
Blue/Green Version

Each sheet of Tracking markers is 20 inches by 30 inches. You or your Art department may need to send these out to be printed. Please use non glossy paper.

Each 20-inch by 30-inch print makes:
  •             sixteen (16) 5-inch markers
  •             and thirty-two (32) 2.5-inch markers 

The template is black and white, so be mindful of foreground subjects and roto, etc.
(i'm re-doing the blue/green and green/orange ones, i'm trying to lock down proper print color values that are closest to bluescreen and greenscreen)

Once printed, you can put sheets on 20-inch x 30-inch self-adhesive foamcore boards I use black foamcore for the black & white versions and use white for the blue & green versions. I paint the white foamcore edges with leftover blue/green screen paint.

You can usually get self-adhesive foamcore boards at any good art supply store (ArtSupply, Blick Art Supplies, some Amazon options). You could also ask your printer to have the boards mounted on black or white boards. Many print shops do this for signage already.

Once mounted on foamcore, you can cut the board with a straight edge and an xacto blade. I use this Straight Cutter with Adjustable Blade Depth combined with this straight rail , so that the cut is always straight and the adjustable depth is helpful as sometimes you get different thicknesses of boards.

Hope these help some of you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good Luck!